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As a youth, I loved all forms of art especially, painting, sculpting with clay, and weaving of all things. I was fascinated then and now with the brilliance of the Italian Renaissance artists. They really showed they could do anything they set their minds to. I chose to pursue a career in computer-aided design coming out of high school. It was the hot career, it seemed interesting and gave me a specific skill to develop into a job. I realized 10 years into the career that the passionate artist inside needed a voice. So as I was going through some very transforming times and maturing as a person, I picked up the paint brush and began experimenting with oils. Now, in my forties I actively paint, write, teach and coach and have my own point of view in each. I am so thankful to have taken a little longer path that diverted years of uninspired work. Having lived, struggled and overcome a little (or a lot), and still living, sometimes struggling (a little or sometimes a lot) and overcoming, I actually have something worthwhile to say. I am grateful to be able to render a genuine expression and the content of the image or paragraph is on par with the gift. My definition of art is the revealing of ones true self through any means of expression that is authentic to the individual.

It is hard for me to describe my painting process. I can, but I don't plan out a lot of my work. I regurgitate it. My work is at it's best when it is not forced-out but permitted to come forth. I do what comes naturally and develop what I see. With most pieces I find an interpretation of what I was experiencing and/or expressing a while later. I believe whenever we get our whole selves into the moment and engage with where we are and what we are doing, we are creating something beyond amazing. It is expressing ourselves to the fullest. It is us giving the “widow’s offering” of our all.

I often paint with a more impressionist style because even though I like details, I am not so hardwired to them. I like them present, but not overpowering the composition. My goal is to paint something meaningful to me at the time and I hope it translates into a genuineness that you can perceive. If my paintings are sufficiently abstract and well rendered, you can catch a bit of myself in one instance and a glimpse of yourself in the next. I tend to cross over language from one form of expression to another. Ie., I use words associated with written language for visual art and vice versa. So that said, I hope you enjoy and also read the images you connect with. There is a literal interpretation, as well as, an inferred or abstract, that may speak to you in a more direct or personal way. I actually learned this by letting kindergarteners critique my paintings and since then from my own experience.

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